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Photoshop Patterns Unleashed by Mandy Corcoran

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After taking Procreate Patterns Unleashed, I honestly thought I was done. I had everything I needed to create patterns. I knuckled down and began creating. Then, Mandy reached out and asked if I’d beta-test her new class Photoshop Patterns Unleashed. I’d heard her mention Actions in Photoshop a few times in the PPU Facebook Group and was intrigued, so I said yes.

Because my feedback, along with the other beta-testers, was used to help shape the course, it doesn’t feel ethical to review it the way I normally would, but I wanted to share this video testimonial I made for Mandy.

I am not an affiliate for this course, but after taking both of Mandy’s offerings, my entire design workflow has improved and become more efficient. I flow between both programs seamlessly. I use her Amaziograph tip from Procreate Patterns Unleashed when I’m working in Photoshop, and I often bring patterns I created in Photoshop into Procreate for embellishing.

Sign up for this class. You won’t regret it.


Janet Federico, MBA, MFA is a licensed artist, award-winning author, and speaker from Washington, DC now based in the Midwest. Her art has been exhibited at the Wichita Art Museum, the Wilson K. Cadman Art Gallery, City Arts, and InterUrban Art House. Janet’s writing has been featured in Elephant Journal, Writer’s Digest, and The Mighty. Want more? Get Janet in your inbox.


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