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At the end of 2020, poet, Jovana Johnson, decided that 2021 would be a year of doing and not just dreaming. For most of her life, she has dreamt of being a writer for Hallmark. For illustrator and writer, Janet Federico, the pandemic had finally forced her to come to grips with where she wanted to devote her time leading to the creation of her “Real Talk” line of trauma support greeting cards. When Jovana saw Janet’s cards, dreaming met doing and a new collaboration was born.  

As they met to plan at the beginning of 2021, a decision was made that the focus of Owl Medicine Designs would be on topics and situations that just don’t show up in the card aisle. The situations for which there often are no words. They asked friends and family what type of cards they have they wanted to send but just couldn’t find. Armed with this information, the two friends went to work.  

Within three months, Owl Medicine Designs went from a dream to a line of greeting cards and art products ready for sale. Owl Medicine Designs launched a small release of cards and art products in time for Women’s History Month in 2021 and since then have gone on to launch with their “Ain’t This a Mother’s Day” Collection which focuses on complicated mother/child relationships, maternal grief, blended families, and fur moms, along with cards dedicated to fathers, co-parenting, pet loss, miscarriage, and more.  

How it all began ...

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